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amuse bouche: hosting a dinner party

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“As W.S. Gilbert said, ‘When planning a dinner party, what’s more important than what’s on the table, is what’s on the chairs.’ ”
~ from, “Giving a Dinner Party (I)” in Life Is Meals: A Food Lover’s Book of Days


I sometimes imagine the afterlife as a decadent feast that never ends. Only in heaven, you’re surrounded by all the wonderful people you love, and in hell, you’re surrounded by all the awful people you hate. The finest meal can be a misery if the wrong people are at the table. And last night’s leftovers becomes a royal banquet when shared with pleasurable company. The best dinner parties are those where each person brings their own special something to the table, yet everyone shares a common trait: the ability to just let go and savor the moment.




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I'm a writer, project manager, and self-proclaimed bon vivant. I love experimenting with different tastes, flavors, and recipes for food and for life. The Good Life Cookbook is my test kitchen where I share the results of my latest and most savory ideas and adventures. Pull up a chair, and grab a plate.

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